Future Presentations

International Conference

Date: 16-17 November 2018
Venue: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Organiser: Nanyang Technological University
Co-organisers: University of Tokyo and Yale University

In his keynote presentation, Dr Jean Bogais will discuss Ethics as the World is entering a new Age…


Recent Presentations
Keynote Presentation: Data Centre Dynamics (DCD) Southeast Asia. A DCD global event. 11-12 September 2018, Singapore

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 As the demands of Digital Transformation, IoT, Edge, Smart Cities, Big Data/Analytics and Mobility impact and define the future scope of data requirements, so it is critical for the industry to plan for the step changes of a disrupted future. What role will different data infrastructure play and how will new opportunities presented by AI, blockchain, and a new generation of enabling technologies play out? 1,300 professionals, whose vocation it is to keep the digital world up and running, will converge in Singapore in September. From "mud to cloud", this event covers the full ecosystem, from how data centers are being re-defined by the economics of digital business, to how IT and data center service delivery are being re-shaped.
http://dcd.events/conferences/singapore-2018/speakers/dr-jean-bogais (Link)
In his keynote presentation, Dr Jean Bogais will discuss the psycho-social elements of information warfare exploring the human vulnerabilities of data centers


March 2018 -
Invited presentation at the NTS-Asia Consortium Conference on "Resilience in the Face of Disruption" — Session: "Disruption and Cyber Technology". Organised by NTS (Non-Traditional Security) Asia Consortium and S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Invited participation and Chair: International Seminar…"A Hotbed for Crises: Increasing Stakes and Tension in the South China Sea". Organised and hosted by the Southeast Asian Centre for Excellence in Governance and Policy (CPG) at Thammasat University, Bangkok.
June 2017 - Senior military officers, diplomats, Thai officials, ASEAN officials, academics, (I)NGO representatives from all parties involved in the "crisis" met for one day to discuss the situation. A robust debate and an eye opener……

Invited presentation and workshop to introduce: "Modelling Conflict Projection and Avoidance". Organised and hosted by the Southeast Asian Centre for Excellence in Governance and Policy (CPG) at Thammasat University, Bangkok.
June 2017 - In this one-day event, Dr Bogais introduced the cutting edge research and experimentation he and his associate, Dr Simon Reay Atkinson are currently undertaking in the area of conflict projection and avoidance to ascertain the potential for violence to be introduced in non-violent spaces, and new thinking in conflict resolution and anti-terrorism.


Invited participation at the NTS-Asia Consortium Conference on "Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals in the Asia Pacific" — Session: Climate Change and SDGs on Partnership, Peace and Conflict
April 2017
Organised by NTS-Asia Consortium and S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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Link to interview…


Invited presentation: University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippine

"Negotiating status-quo to de-escalate conflict.. When the least worse option is the best option - (January 2017)

Invited presentation: Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

"Introducing violence in non-violent spaces to impose hegemony: A South China Sea crisis viewed through complex systems analysis". Organised by the Department of cultural anthropology - (September 2017)

Report presentation and roundtable: UNITAR, Geneva
"Introducing evaluation of three case studies on knowledge translation methodologies" - September 2016


Invited presentation:
German-Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG), Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, Bangkok - September 2016
Special lecture 1. "The introduction of Violence in Non-Violent Spaces for the Making of a Dominant Identity: Analysing Perceptions of Conflict in the Asia Pacific Region" (Focus on the South China Sea crisis.)

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Special lecture 2. Political Transformation in Southeast Asia - Recent Developments, Current Issues and Future Prospects
"Myanmar's Difficult Road to Democracy: An examination Through Complex Systems Analysis"

Presentation: Politics in Action: Democratic Updates from Southeast Asia
In this international roundtable event organised by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, Dr Bogais talks about the state of politics in Cambodia ahead of the 2017/18 elections. He explains why Cambodia has reached a critical juncture and discusses the possible outcomes.
Podcast available soon.

Roundtable discussion/analysis (panel member) UNITAR, Geneva
"Creating conflict? Review of the South China Sea crisis" March 2016

Invited presentation:UN Security Council's Peacekeeping Operations and Political Missions meeting
"Peacebuilding strategies in non-violent spaces" March 2016

Invited discussion/review: WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, Berlin, Germany
"Review of autocratic regimes: The Philippines under Ferdinand Marcos" - May 2015

Invited moderator & panel member: Q2 International Symposium on International Security
Invited expert to moderate session: 'Diplomacy: Spacio-temporal, Multilateral and Adaptative', and join on the panel for the closing roundtable.
Organised by the Centre for International Security Studies, University of Sydney - March 2015

Invited presentation: World Universities Network - International Indigenous Research Network roundtable
“Putting out the fire - A perspective on intercultural relations” - 2 February 2015

Invited presentation:
WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, Berlin, Germany
"Socio-economic disruptions and inequality behind ethnocultural conflicts in Southeast Asia" - 22 September 2014

TV broadcast: '2014 Festival of Democracy' organised by the Sydney Democracy Network at the University of Sydney
"Cambodia: Rampant Corruption - State Endorsed" - 10 October 2014.



Michel Foucault. “Surveiller et Punir”, 1993.
« lI se peut que la guerre comme stratégie soit la continuation de la politique. Mais il ne faut pas oublier que la "politique" a été conçue comme la continuation sinon exactement et directement de la guerre, du moins du modèle militaire comme moyen fondamental pour prévenir le trouble civil. La politique, comme technique de la paix et de l’ordre intérieurs, a cherché à mettre en œuvre le dispositif de l’armée parfaite, de la masse disciplinée, de la troupe docile et utile, du régiment au camp et aux champs, à la manœuvre et à l’exercice. »